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I am so tired of these hippie, new age wanna-bes including 'gypsy' in their interests list, simply because of it's erroneous association with a specific lifestyle choice. Even the one who claims to be Romani has a picture of Esmerelda (from Disney's 'Hunchback of Notre Dame') as her user icon... no self-respecting Gypsy would use such a stereotypical, completely false representation of their ethnic background, let alone as their default icon.

This happens all over the place, of course, in real life and on the internet. LiveJournal is full of them... I expect it at this point and there's nothing to be done about it. I educate when I have the opportunity, trying to remain patient as I once again explain that, yes, we're real, and in fact, no, we don't appreciate all the cultural appropriation. It's not flattering... it's offensive. And, as long as there are opinions like these about my people, and as long as Romanies are called "stealing, lying, cheating, ghetto trash" and treated like garbage on the side of the streets in countless other countries, I won't 'get over it'. It's an easy stance to take, especially since I could reasonably pass for Persian, Italian, Greek, Spanish, hell, even White if I dye my hair the right color ~ the fact is, many Americans are mixed and most have no clue what features belong to which ethnic backgrounds ~ and, I live in America, where we're an invisible minority. I don't suffer from the same kind of racial backlash that my European ancestors did. I could turn my head at the horrific things that are allowed to happen to Romanies across the globe, while simultaneously ignoring all the faerie-winger types who think gypsies are magical creatures who danced around campfires and moved around the globe, constantly relocating just for the fun of it, not because they were forced to leave every place they went. To keep moving was to stay alive. I would LOVE to see people barge into one of these idiot's middle class homes and beat them up, take their shit and kick them out, with nothing but the shirts on their backs and the shoes on their feet. Go build a whole new life somewhere else, from nothing... and just when you think you've got that sorted, it happens again, and again, over and over, so you just keep moving... we'll see how 'cool' it is to be Gypsy then!

Most days, I can ignore these imbeciles, but sometimes, when I am searching for others like me or serious discussions and all I find are people in Halloween costumes, it really gets under my skin. I would image the Celts feel similarly about all the goth kids embracing the Pagan traditions, simply because it's the newest 'fad', not realizing it's one of the oldest religions on the books, and the basis for many 'Christian' holidays.

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