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It's an easy stance to take, especially since I could reasonably pass for Persian, Italian, Greek, Spanish, hell, even White if I dye my hair the right color ~ the fact is, many Americans are mixed and most have no clue what features belong to which ethnic backgrounds ~ and, I live in America, where we're an invisible minority.

I could easily pass for a lot of things, but I'm half-Irish and half-Scots as my parents are native to those countries. The only way you can tell my ethnicity was when - or immediately after - I've spoken with a friend or relative from "across the big pond."

My accent turns to an Irish or Scots brogue "so thick you can get about and walk on it." (LOL) :0D

I have a kilt, but I don't play golf, eat haggis (Ew! :-P) or drink single-malt whiskey. I like a stout ale or lager, but I'm a "lightweight" and don't consume to excess. I'm very much a moderate drinker.

I LOVE dancing jigs and reels and quite fond of traditional Irish and Scots music, which is not quite like what you'd see and hear from Celtic Woman or Celtic Thunder. Real Celtic music is better experienced "in the session."

Fortunately, our culture isn't as misappropriated as yours, though we have suffered our own history of injury:-\

The (we) Irish are still considered the "blacks of Europe."
Music: Steve Cooney and Laolise Kelley at the Crane Bar in Galway, Ireland; 21 October, 2006. The tune is "the Battering Ram," a traditional Irish Jig.
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